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Professional Qualifications

I am a managing director at Huntington Bank (formerly TCF) doing corporate and business development.  

My strengths and experiences center around strategic thinking, team building and oversight - which align with the responsibilities of being on a board:  

  • Putting together budgets

  • Building teams

  • Creating long range plans and goals

  • Allocating resources

  • Monitoring and exercising strategic oversight of plan execution

Additionally, I have elected community board experience.  And doing the work that a board is supposed to do:

  • Long term facility maintenance (LTFM) planning

  • Policy review and policy development

  • Maintaining compliance

  • Approving budgets

  • Planning, approving and communicating special assessments

  • Working through community concerns 

  • Collaborating as a team to make progress

These skillsets and experiences will guide and support me at being an effective and competent school board member. 

Professional Qualifications: Image
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