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Little League Team Hands In

Community Oriented

We are stronger when we communicate and collaborate as a community

  • Be a Team - It is the responsibility of ALL of us to prioritize what is important and demonstrate for our children what a respectful school board and community should be - working as a team

  • Transparency - Encourage openness and inclusion of policy development to better serve the students and parents

  • Support All - Be vigilant that we are treating all students and parents with fairness and respect, including those that feel less heard

  • Listen - Always have an open door when it comes to listening to the parents about their children

  • Communicate - Work to find ways to improve communication with the parents and support each other to share their voices

  • Strong Partnerships - Strengthen our partnerships with groups and organizations that share aligned goals and serve the best interest of our students

  • Parents Matter - Make sure we are placing value on the choices parents want for their children

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