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Character Qualifications

My personal motto in life is to make the world a better place than how I found it

My strengths are my communication skills and my ability to distill complex topics into easy to communicate language. 

Making continuous progress towards goals is what I strive to accomplish.  And I set high standards of achievement, both personally as well as for teams while always looking for opportunities to improve.

I respond positively and actively to challenge and pressure, and I have confidence in my own ability to handle novel problems and people.

I'm relatively quick in connecting to others; and reasonably open and sharing.  I build and leverage relationships to get work done.

I'm a motivator who pays attention to others' point of view. 

And I'm collaborative; I work with and through others.  I focus on team cohesion, dynamics and interpersonal relations.  These are the behaviors that encourage collaboration, build trust and respect, and help to learn from other opinions.

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