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Graduation Caps

Student Achievement

Orono has always been a place of excellence; let's keep it going

  • Prepared - Students need to be prepared for the real world when they leave Orono 

  • Academic Success - Continue to raise the bar for all students on achieving outstanding results in academics

  • Social-Emotional Competence - Develop students' social-emotional skills to be able to manage real-world situations

  • Strong Character - Help instill within all our students: integrity, independence, leadership, curiosity and confidence. 

  • Service - Encourage service of others to better understand the impact of giving back and developing an attitude of gratitude.

  • Athletics & Activities - Encourage and provide students access to athletics, extracurricular programs and enrichment activities to broaden students' learning opportunities

  • School Safety - Create a culture of safety for all people within our community.  Parents and students need to feel that Orono is a safe place to be able to trust going and being able to focus on academics

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