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For decades, the Orono School District has been the reason that families move to the area to raise their children. They know the education that they will receive is the best in the state and one of the best in the nation. Orono students excel academically and are well-prepared to succeed in the real world. 

My parents moved to the Orono district 40 years ago so I could attend K - 12. I loved it here and would not change a thing about how I grew up in this school. Orono’s enduring tradition of excellence is the reason my wife and I chose to raise our kids here, to provide them the same experiences and opportunities I had. 

This is my WHY – because I love this school and this district. Because I have so many family and friends that entrust Orono to give to their kids, what I received. And I am entrusting it to do the same with my children too. It is a special place that builds exceptional character, relationships, and academic achievement. And I want to do my part to help maintain Orono’s tradition of excellence and build upon it.

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